Who says Friday nights can’t be fun???

Caitlin and Esme score Gold
Caitlin and Esme score Gold

Owing to the equipment available at the club for beginners, Archers of Raunds usually only take juniors from the age of 10 upwards.  However, with older sister shooting county records and regularly representing NCAS in the surrounding region, Esme Bayliss was never going to wait long.  The club made an exception and turning eight she picked up her new bow and took her first steps (or should that be shots) in the sport.  A short while later she held her birthday party at AoR.  One of the participants was Caitlin Davis and she became hooked straight away.

Fast forward a few months, a beginner’s course and a handful of practice sessions and we get to tonight.  A bulk standard Friday session for AoR beginners to finish their current course and for members to tune their bows and socialise along the shooting line.

Not for two of the clubs youngest archers.  Esme and Caitlin (both aged just 8) quietly shot end after end in their own private battle and they finally got their just reward.

Running the club and assisting with coaching can be a tiring, sometime stressful but enjoyable time.  That enjoyment often comes from member’s successes and enjoyment from the sport, and tonight’s little golden nugget came from Esme and Caitlin.  Towards the end of the session, two little faces grew huge grins and little squeals of excitement as both girls landed two arrows (one each) almost centre of the ten and practically touching each other.  As the image shows, both girls were right to be excited and proud of their arrows.  Maybe it’s time to move them to a smaller face and to move the boss further away – now there’s a challenge . . .

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