Beginners Archery Courses

Archers of Raunds beginners archery courses are held at Manor School Sports College, Mountbatten Way, Raunds, Northamptonshire, NN9 6PA

August 2024

Saturday the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th August. 1pm - 4pm
£75 per person

Upon completing our beginner’s course over 4 Saturday afternoons, you will receive a certificate, allowing you to join our club, if you so wish.

The beginner’s course covers.

  1. Safety Briefing – The range, personal and safeguarding
  2. The Bow – Discover how to put a bow together
  3. The Draw – Learning to draw the bow – stance, posture, and shot process
  4. Shoot! – Now the fun begins. Learning to shoot freestyle, finger placement, hook depth and Bow Arm
  5. Scoring Rounds – Learn how to score various rounds
  6. Progression – Understand how you can progress your skills and win badges

“Ben has very much enjoyed the course and is looking forward to learning more with you!” – 27th October 2023

Rachel Richardson

“Fantastic and supportive beginners course and very pleased to have joined as a member. Thank you Neil, Cate and Jon for all your help.” – 2nd December 2022

Albin Wallace

“Thank you again for a wonderful, well run and fun session – they all thoroughly enjoyed it!” – 12th September 2021

Jane Collins

David and Krissi

Meet our Coaching team

Jonk Coach

Jon Kilraine

Head Coach
Jon has been with AoR for a while now and is a Level 1 (Session) Coach. His specialisms are Barebow and Horsebow.

Mark Mitchell

Mark has come back to the club and is one of our Level 1 (Session) coaches. His specialisms are Recurve.
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