Taster Session


Our first taster session for a little while and it did not disappoint.

We had a request to put on a taster session and even though the weather was not the best it has been, it was a brilliant afternoon.

Today started off by shooting Barebow and getting everyone used to shooting again (although they all said they had not shot before lol) – once they got their eye in and were hitting the golds, we introduced a little bit of a competition with balloons. It’s amazing how competitive everyone is when the balloons come out.

After that, we let them loose on a few of our other bows. Starting with the Flatbow, and then Horsebow. Gave more instructions on how to shoot those bows and there was a bit of surprise on what they liked to shoot with and it was the flatbow.

An amazing afternoon and full of fun and laughter – enjoyed by all.

Cate and Neil..


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