End of year Beginners Course

Group Shot

Last beginners course of the year and a really good number of participants this time.

Having everyone enjoy the course and have a great time is essential, and it seems like that was the case. When participants are engaged and enjoying themselves, it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

Indoor season is upon us but the course was just as creative and enjoyable as all the other ones we do especially during the outdoor season.

We managed to award a Red Feather and 4 White Arrow awards – such an achievement by those that have received them but the others on the course were not far behind with the scoring.

At the end where they try the different bows, Cate got the parents involved and to have a quick go which they thoroughly enjoyed and even managed to shoot so well, damage an arrow, ouch!

A big thank you to Cate, Jon, Mark and Archie for their assistance. Having a supportive team makes a significant difference in the success of any course or event.

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