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Are you looking to get back into Archery?

Returning to archery after a break can feel daunting but many archers come back after years, or even decades off the range. If you’ve tried archery in the past, you’ll know how good it can make you feel. Sometimes though, life gets in the way and even the things we enjoy get pushed down the to-do list. If you’ve been thinking about getting back into archery – even if you haven’t been on the range for a decade or more – it’s now easier than ever.

Range Returners is a scheme ran in conjunction with Archery GB to get those who have left archery back into the sport. Working with our experienced coaches and archers we will work with you to identify how we can support you to get back into archery. Whether this is tailored coaching over a number of weeks, or attendance at a one day beginners course, we’ll work with you to find the ideal solution.

As part of the range returners scheme you can shoot with us for up to 6 sessions before needing to register with ourselves and Archery GB.

For more information please email: coaches@archersofraunds.co.uk

We’re ready to welcome you back to the shooting line so you can continue with the sport you love.


Next Available Range Returners Course Dates

December 2023
Dec 16
16 December 2023
Archers of Raunds – Coaching, Manor School Sports College, Mountbatten Way
Raunds, NN9 6PA United Kingdom

Welcome to the Range Returner course Safety Etiquette and knowledge checks Bow setup Shooting techniques Scoring rounds and FITA awards Discuss membership and what’s next for them as archers

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