AoR Portsmouth Booked Solid

Most of you that know me will know that I like to keep a cushion (fallback) just in case something has fallen through the net.  Well for this Sunday’s Open Portsmouth Tournament I have thrown caution to the wind and every single space has now been filled.

With three packed out sessions spanning the day and if the weather is kind to us and the snow stays away, this is going to be one very busy shoot with some great battles along the shooting line.

The target list is now available from the Archers of Raunds website, so if you are not listed and we don’t have anyone drop out you won’t be shooting.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has registered to shoot at the tournament and also to all of the AoR members (shooting and non-shooting) who have pledged their support on Saturday and Sunday.  This is looking like being one very good shoot and I just hope that (despite throwing away my safety net/cushion) everything goes to plan and that everyone has a cracking good day.

Oh!  And, please make sure that you let me know about your personal successes at the shoot.  I’d love to hear about any personal best scores that are broken, and any new records set by both AoR and non-AoR archers.

Finally, I wish you all well with the shoot on Sunday.

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