The Adventures of Ruby Paul: France Beckons

You don’t always see much of Ruby at the club due to her ongoing coaching and various tournaments taking her up and down the breadth of the country. Now her travels take her even further afield with a visit to France.


She has been selected along with several others to attend a French Archery Academy in Dijon in April as well as already attending the New Age Group (NAG) academy at Lilleshall one weekend a month. Attending both of these academies is a huge achievement and each archer must work hard, show promise and earn their place in what is a phenomenal opportunity for progression in the sport.

Prior to NAG Ruby attended the National Talent Development Programme (NTDP). The NTDP is a great opportunity to get assistance from Archery GB and all archers under the age of 20 can apply for this programme. If you have an interest in joining the NTDP please see the archery GB website for instructions on how to apply.

It is a huge achievement that Ruby was able to progress from NAG after only 1 year of attending the programme. It is even more impressive that her progression in the sport continues with a place on the FAA and the club is very proud of her achievements to date. We are even more pleased to see Ruby having the opportunity to train overseas and gain further valuable experience in an international setting.
Ruby herself can’t wait and feels she has worked so hard over the past 12 months by shooting 700-750 arrows a week on top of strength and conditioning training,  bow drills,  cardio, benchmarking,  pre-hap and coach contact. Twice a week she also attends Aim4Sport where she is so lucky to have not only her Academy Coach but also her Personal Coach, Gaynor Hutchison and Dave Leader.

Alongside all of the archery madness Ruby is also juggling her A levels!
Archers of Raunds would like to congratulate Ruby on being chosen for this fantastic opportunity. It is great to see hard work and determination paying off and Archers of Raunds are very proud of her achievements to date. We look forward to hearing about her travels upon her return!

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