Ranger Cadets Fun Shoot


This is the second year now that the local Ranger Cadets have come along to AoR for their annual fun shoot.

It was a gloriously hot afternoon and the cadets were in great spirits and ready for the challenge ahead. After a period of practice, we moved onto the balloon destruction lesson (we do not have many left now as they shot so many and wanted to take home the remaining survivors).

Now onto the the serious business of what team will win the trophy again. The teams were chosen and it was decided that we would play a game of darts with a twist i.e. hit a double and you lose that amount of points. All teams were doing really well with only losing the odd point here and there. After three ends there was a winning team (although they are all winners) – well done Charlie Team, you retained the trophy for the second year running.

Charlie team
Charlie Team, the Winners!!

An amazing afternoon again and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well Done All!!

Same again next year!!

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