NCAS County & Open Indoor Portsmouth Championship Record Status

Archers of Raunds were very honoured to be asked by NCAS to host the NCAS Indoor Portsmouth County Champs Record Status event this year.

A huge amount of work and preparation went into the organisation of the event prior to it taking place and a huge thanks needs to go to the following: Cate Bromley, Andy Harbour, Jon Kilraine, Jo Rodman and Angela Brudenell being our Lady Paramount.

As per out earlier tournament, it was a fantastic event and many amazing comments were made about how friendly our club is and how well the tournament was run especially with the catering and raffle. The Chief Judge, Richard Custance said how wonderful we did as a club and he was so impressed with the way it all went. Very great praise indeed.

What an amazing event, very tiring but a real credit to the club for putting on such an impressive show. So many people helped out and our thanks goes out to them all. As Tournament Officer, my special thanks go again to Cate, Andy, Jo, Jon, Cheryl and Angela. Without everyone that helped we would never be able to run such events, Thank You!!

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