AoR Closed Outdoor Tournament

End of Tournament

AoR hosted their 5th closed outdoor tournament this year and it has been a number of years since the previous one so it was quite an experience.

The field was set for various Metirc rounds and was well attended by all AoR members. The weather was good although at times there was a very strong wind which made for some difficult shooting but all in all it was a great time and much was learnt by the newer members about what shooting in a competition is actually like.

The smiles on everyones faces pretty much summed up how it was enjoyed by all. Head over to the gallery section and click on the Tournaments pictures to see for yourself.

For the presentations, we decided to create a podium in front of the last remaining bosses again to give the members the feeling of what it would be like to stand on a podium and receive their medals.

Roll on our next outdoor tournament!!

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