Presentation this Friday

Brad Denny
Brad Denny

As announced at this weeks AoR Annual General Meeting, we are planning on making the presentation of the funds raised during Brad’s Development Fund Fun Weekend, this Friday during the normal Friday shooting session.

Certain people put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the event and even more contributed financially and took part in the weekend’s activities to make the whole weekend a resounding success from a fun point of view and a tremendous success from a fund raising point of view.  Many of you will be surprised at the amount raised and this is testament to Brad’s personality and willingness to help other archers and also to the whole Denny family who have supported him over his archery career and who continue to support him going forward.

I will therefore be very grateful if as many AoR club members as possible could attend this Friday’s shooting session – please make the effort even if Friday is not your usual shooting day.

Many non AoR based archers have worked and shot with Brad over the years.  I would therefore also like to extend this invitation to friends of AoR and especially to those of you that he shot with and / or supported Bradley over the years.  We will be waiving the usual visitors fee for the evening, so bring along your bow and help us to celebrate this wonderful weekend’s success and more importantly Brads continued success as he journeys to bigger and better things in the archery world.

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