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I am ‘considering’ hosting another fun shoot when we go inside, probably late November and I’d like to know whether current Archers of Raunds shooting members would prefer this to be held during the Saturday afternoon shooting session or during the Sunday shooting session.  The fun shoot will be open to non-AoR archers with current ArcheryGB membership cards, so please feel free to log your interest.

I will be adding three new posts to the clubs Facebook page and I will be very grateful if you could:

  1. Express your interest in attending the shoot. There will be a nominal charge for the session and it’ll be pointless if only a handful of you wish to attend.
  2. Vote on whether you would like me to host the session on a Saturday or a Sunday.
  3. Vote on whether you would prefer the proceeds to go into the club funds or whether you would like us to support a charity and, if so, which charity you would like us to support.

With the cancellation of the outdoor tournament, which is one of our key annual fund raising events, the club needs to undertake some fund raising.  I therefore propose that the entry fee (possibly £5.00 per archer) will be donated, with proceeds from the tuck shop (if we run one) going to the club.  Obviously, there will be no general shooting on the day for AoR archers.

Please vote on the Facebook page as soon as possible and I’ll get working on the details for the shoot.

Sketchy details at the moment include:

  1. The shoot will be aimed at archers that are new to archery and also experienced archers, both AoR members and archers from local clubs.
  2. Distance to be set to no more than 20m so that the shoot will be available for archers of all ages and abilities.
  3. Expect the unexpected from this one.  It’ll have you laughing and groaning throughout the session and you ‘WON’T’ need to be a red inwards or constant gold archer on a Portsmouth.  In fact, that level of skill is likely to be undone very quickly ;).
  4. We will be shooting on a 122cm face which will be considerably adapted for the shoot.

REMEMBER: This shoot is for experienced and new archers, with the emphasis on new archers.  If you can hit white inwards on a 122cm target face at 20m, then this will be a session that you’ll enjoy.  In fact, even if you have the occasional miss, you just might be your teams hero or heroin for the end.

Finally, this will be a team event with a maximum number of eight teams of six archers.  There will therefore be a limit of 48 spots available, so register your interest ASAP because I’ll be using the clubs Facebook page to assign places in order of registered interest.

Bring on the fun,


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