Meridan Shoot

2013 Meridan Shoot
2013 Meridan Shoot

Last Thursday saw Simon and Helen (WOAC) shooting at AoR in silly conditions.  It was gusting wind and half way through the session it even tried to snow.  Purely at the field to gain sight marks for their Sunday shoot and limited to on 30 yards, both retired early to try again another day.

Friday was not much better with a drop in temperature and still a gusty breeze to make obtaining sighters at distance difficult, if not impossible.

However, it was all change on Saturday and both archers made good use of the nice weather.  The sun was out and warming everyone up and the wind had dropped.  Some good sighters where achieved at the required distance well within the available time.

So Sunday, and off to the Meridan Shoot.  I am pleased to copy below a few words that Simon has taken the time to send to me this evening.

Shot Meridan on Sunday great shoot, with a real who’s who of Archery stars there, including  Wills, Folkard & Buzby. Day went well, got a 1057 not bad for the 1st shoot of the season. I think some 160 archers took part that day, but everything went smoothly thanks to a large behind the scenes team.

It is great to see our archers heading off to these competitive shoots and putting in some good scores.  I look forward to hearing about Simon (and all AoR archers) progress during this outdoor season.

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