Final Week for the Archers in Training

We had 9 archers in training start way back in October learning the basics and also some advanced techniques in archery. They all embraced the course and it was such a great time with much fun and laughter as well as the serious side of learning how to shoot.

Once we had got through the initial 2 weeks then we could concentrate on technique along with scoring and it became evident quite early on that we had some really good shooters in the making.

Weeks 4 and 5 we decided to introduce the slightly more advanced warm ups as well as bow drills just so they had a feel for what it takes after they finish the course and progress with their archery journey (it even took some of the seasoned archers by surprise when they had a go). Cate introduced some balance devices to simulate strong winds but it also helped them to realise how important stance, posture and alignment is. Obviously the balloons came out during those sessions and so did the competitiveness of the archers.

Final week saw them all try out the different bows the club has from Compounds to Flat Bows, Horsebows to Longbows, full Recurve setup with stablisers as well as Barebow with weights. A nice eye opener and maybe a change of what they would like to shoot once they become members.

All in all though it was another brilliant course with such friendly people learning that it becomes so easy to teach, really enjoyable and the time flies by.

We look forward to seeing them back at the club soon to continue their journey. Well done to you all!!

Neil – AoR Coach

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