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Spotting Scope from Aldi
Spotting Scope from Aldi

As your technique improves and you begin to strive for the longer distances it becomes harder and harder to see where your arrows are landing.  Then as you get better still, you need to know exactly where they have landed on the target and then, when you are as good as Brad, you need to know where in the gold zone they are landing – at 50+ meters that can be taxing for the best of us.

Fortunately, a spotting scope is ideal for this.  The powerful scopes can zoom right in on the target across most archery distances that you need a scope for and they can also be a useful tool in slowing down your shooting, if (like me) you shoot too quickly.  A pause is as good as a rest in archery and a scope is a great way of pausing whilst keeping busy.

Anyway, with spotting scopes costing tens and hundreds of pounds they are not in everyone’s reach.

Enter Aldi – If you are thinking of getting a spotting scope you could do no worse than the one on offer at Aldi stores from next Thursday (see following link).  Mick emailed me about these scopes this afternoon and he added that he bought one of these scopes from Aldi a couple of years ago and he has found it to be excellent value.  It also beats the £60.00 scope that I bought of eBay a year or so ago.

If you are looking for a scope, then this is seriously worth checking out.

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