What a Friday night!!!

It can’t be said that AoR archers can’t have fun and tonight was of those nights when the phone cameras came in very handy.

Louis Paul - Great shooting end.
Louis Paul – Great shooting end.

The snapping started with a fantastic end from Louis Paul.  Louis finished his beginner’s course only a few short weeks ago and he continues to diligently apply what was taught during the course using his beginners bow.   Tonight he was rewarded with a super grouping at 25 meters that had the attention of lots of the club members and a beaming and proud young man – Nice one Louis.

Tonight also saw a small celebration of Bradley’s brilliant achievement last weekend in Ireland.

A slightly unconventional target
A slightly unconventional target

Following a very short well done (I did not know Bradley blushed),  some iced doughnuts were handed around and enjoyed by everyone along the shooting line.

However, with one senior archer struggling to hit the 10 at 70 meters (I can only wish), someone decided to hang one of the doughnuts on the boss as a little extra incentive.  Needless to say, the struggling archer banged an arrow right in the ten next end and then the poor defenseless doughnut began getting peppered with arrows from everyone on that boss – who says archery has to be a serious sport all of the time.

I wonder what the guys at AoR will come with for some extra entertainment at next Friday night’s practice session?

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