Website Issues!!!


As some of you will have noticed, Google has very recently flagged the club website as being hacked.  This is reported when you run a search using the Google Search Engine (for example  As you’ll see in the graphic above, just below our web address the search results state “This site may be hacked”.

Somehow, a rogue file has been uploaded to the online version of the website, probably through some form of SQL injection attack.  This file was used to improve the web search rankings by having other website reference their website.  The offending file has been found and removed and I have just finished uploading a completely  fresh copy of the website and requested that Google check the site and remove the Hacked warning message.  Assuming I have caught everything, this will take some time (maybe a few weeks) to complete.

I would like to thank Tony and Mathew for bringing this issue to my attention and helping to identify the root cause of the issue and to help to resolve it.

For now, we just have to sit a wait for Google to do their thing…..  However, if anyone comments to you about the issue you now know why it is there and that action has been undertaken to resolve the issue.



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