Sunday Shooting

At this evenings committee meeting it was brought to my attention that people get the impression from the website that the Sunday shooting session is only for senior members and only the scheduled round can be shot.

The Sunday session is the more serious of the sessions available to AoR archers and it attracts a number of archers rom the surrounding area to shot with us.  It is run as a serious scoring round primarily to give archers the opportunity to achieve personal best scores and to aim for county record claims. However, it is not designed purely for the more senior archers in the club.

If you wish to take advantage of shooting on Sunday but you do not wish to shoot the published round, then please feel free to do what some other members do.  Decide what you want to shoot ahead of time, then turn up early and help to set out the field, taking advantage of setting out a boss at the distance that ‘you’ want to shoot.  Then shoot the round you want or simply practice the distances that you want to shoot.  We simply ask that the noise is kept down to respect those archers wanting to concentrate and that you respect the whistles as always.

The same goes for those of you that wish to shoot a short round on Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon.  Simply know what you want to shoot before you go to the field, set out the boss that you need and take it from there.

I am sorry to anyone that thought that Sunday shooting was only for the elite in the club.



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