Ryan makes my decision easier….

Ryan Abbott during an early career practice session.
Ryan during an early career practice session.

Preparations continue for the AoR Portsmouth tournament next weekend and despite intending on shooting on Sunday (to see if I’m up to shooting a full Portsmouth round) other club tasks got in the way. I have therefore decided to free up my place for Ryan, one of our young new members who is keen to shoot.  Sorry Phil, I know that I said that I’d shoot but….

Anyway, I am really pleased with my decision to give up my tournament place to Ryan, a decision made so much easier when I saw how he was shooting this morning.  Shooting with his bright new bow and proper arrows, he blitzed his previous personal best for the Portsmouth Round.  Aged just 10 and only shooting since October 2012 (well November if you ignore the beginners course weeks), he beat his PB by a massive 192, shooting a very impressive 359.  I’m looking forward to seeing how he does at the more serious tournament on Sunday.

Congratulations also go to Christine Marshall who posted 501 to add an additional point to her previous personal best during Sundays shoot.

Well done to you both and thank you to everyone that shot with us on Sunday.  It was great to see so many AoR Members and visitors forcing a double detail shoot with a good number of archers on the second detail.

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