One for the Seniors and Intermediate Archers

Video Analysis
Video Analysis

I should be at the club this afternoon between 14.00 and 16.00 with my video camera and video analysis software.

If you would like me to take some video of you to analyze away from the shooting line and see how good (or poor) your technique is and where you could improve please let me know.

This is an ideal opportunity for your to visually see what you are doing (rather than simply listening to other people) and where you might be able to improve your T-Draw technique, stance, release, etc.

The video analysis software enables your shot to be viewed frame by frame and thereby pick out the smallest of detail that can not be seen watching someone in real time.

1 thought on “One for the Seniors and Intermediate Archers”

  1. Session went reasonably well although there is only enough time to really video and analyze three or four people in a two hour session. Those that took me up on my offer seemed pleased to be able to watch themselves and some points for improvement were picked up by the archers and I got some good feedback about the benefits and what people might like to do to take this idea forward. Group analysis, having a professional coach analyze the videos, put them on YouTube, etc.

    We’ll be considering all of these things as we do more of this.

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