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Thank you to those of you that have shared your comments with me about the blog.  It seems that this is definitely something that you want to see continue with.  With that in mind, please please please send me your archery news, successes, personal goals achieved and other relevant archery news as it comes to your attention.

In the meantime, it has been suggested that I take this opportunity to highlight the various lines of communication that now stem from the central blog, many of which are designed to try to promote the club through a more diverse online set of resources.
Our website features a ‘Club News’ button on the main navigation bar towards the top of every page.  This link will take you to the Chairman’s Blog.

The Chairman’s Blog
The Chairman’s Blog is the central news channel for the club.  This resource keeps the main website free of clutter and on topic and it aids the general maintenance of the site.  News items are posted to the blog from time to time and you can use the RSS feeds to ‘Follow the Blog via Email’.

We don’t all have time to launch our browsers and navigate to the blog just to find that there has been no new news, but using the Follow blog via Emailfacility will mean that AoR related news automatically finds its way to your email inbox – easy, convenient and you won’t miss a thing.

The blog is linked to our Twitter feed so that blog postings are Tweeted as they are published.  In addition, buttons are supplied to share postings on numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and more.

I have not embraced the other social media giant (LinkedIn) as I believe that is more for professional business, nor Google which is not as widely used as Facebook.  However, I keep that under review and I will welcome your thoughts.The blog also maintains a short page about the club, committee posts, a link to the main AoR website and also the clubs two Facebook resources.

The blog is therefore a personal (Chairman’s) resource to complement and enhance the club’s official website and it is quickly becoming the club’s main news hub.  If you have not yet subscribed please do so as soon as possible.

AoR Facebook Page
The AoR Facebook Page is the clubs shop window in the social media space and it primarily consists of a timeline of our blog postings.  Whilst there are fewer bloggers out in the big wide world, an increasing number of us have Facebook accounts and this AoR page is a great way for those of you on Facebook to share our clubs news with your friends and family and thereby promote archery and AoR.

Archers of Raunds and Friends
The Archers of Raunds and Friends Facebook page is administered by several AoR club members and it provides forum members with a resource to share and discuss just about anything (although we try to keep it archery related).  Whether you want to post a suggestion for discussion, recognise or thank someone in the club who has gone the extra mile and helped you in some way or share an achievement in a casual way, then this is the forum for you.

AoR onTwitter
The AoR Twitter Feed is a useful way of quickly staying in touch without needing to download reams of text, images and the like.  If you have a Twitter account, you can then easily retweet postings to your followers to gain more exposure for the club.  Archery GB occasionally retweet our postings to give them even greater reach.  All of my blog postings are tweeted as they are published.

The Rest
I have not yet embraced YouTube for the club but this is firmly on the list of social media resources for me to exploit.  Creating meaningful videos for an archery club are time consuming and time is my main issue at the moment.  I have plans to put together a short promotional video for the club so that people who are interested in finding out more about us can do just that online.  I’d also like to then either link to other useful archery videos on YouTube, or better still produce our own.  Topics could include developing your T-Draw technique, Laying out the shooting field, fletching arrows, making strings, etc.  As always, your thoughts on this subject will be very much appreciated.

Finally, please subscribe and like the above resources.  Whilst I know that many of you are keeping in touch through receiving pushed notifications to your email, it is good for the club if you can register your interest and show visitors to these resources that we are a growing club with an active and inclusive membership.


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