I think I need some sleep.

Wow what a week this is turning out to be.  Early mornings listening out for Bradleys interview that keeps being postponed :(.  Late nights writing the new beginners application form and beginners pack, and today I took delivery of 25 beginners bow sets, arrows and spares all in individual pieces.  Then Monday we have 8 new straw bosses arriving, although Quicks Archery were not overly reassuring about the delivery arrangements.

This evening, I have checked off the order (thanks Merlin Archery for a job well done, you have been a pleasure to deal with), found one sight which is badly made and can’t be put together, sorted 125 arrows into 5 arrow sets, put together 5 junior bow sets, 5 left handed bow sets and 5 right handed bow sets, only another 10 to go.  Even the arrows rests came in two parts!

If I never see another beginners bow it will be too soon <rofl>.

I don’t think that we’ll have these bows for the 10 new beginners who start later today, as the nocks need installing but we are very, very nearly there.  Thanks again to Helen for persevering with the Lottery Grant, to Roy for putting together the final purchase list and to Geoff who has spent hours sorting out the store and making room for all the new kit.  A great team effort all round.

Now it really is time I got some sleep, else I’ll be no good to anyone tomorrow evening at the first beginners session.

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