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Archers of Raunds now have their own Twitter account for tweeting sound bites from the archery world and more importantly with regards to AoR.  Simply search for ArchersOfRaunds or follow us using @ArchersOfRaunds.

AoR members wishing to post twitter messages should contact Martyn for login details.  It goes without saying that the tweets must be archery or AoR related specifically and any abuse or derogatory posts of any kind will result in a loss of the service, so please keep to twitter’s rules and use the service as we would all intend.

Hashtag AOR (#AoR) will generate a number of hits on Twitter, so I suggest anyone using Twitter for AoR related posts use the hashtag #AOR4U as that does not appear to be used at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Follow AoR on Twitter”

  1. Evening M, I have added AoR to my twitter so will defently try my best to use that in my twitter moments. See you Sunday at the 3rd Caswell as Im down for that. Need to speak with you Sunday as I am doing the big event weekend after will explain then. TTFN

  2. Nice one Shane. Look forward to watching your progress on Sunday. I bet the motivation will be sky high given the inspirational Olympic performances this week.

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