Final Beginners Course of 2021


Another great start to the new beginners and we had 9 on this course which is amazing.

Everyone was raring to go and being indoors, it was nice and warm.

It was good to see that all the “archers to be” did in fact pick up the skills very quickly. We did have a couple of archers that have not shot for many years and also a couple that attended our Big Weekend. Scoring rounds were producing some great results.

Final week came and out come the balloons (always a favourite) and the balance pads (not such a favourite for the students but is to us :)) this was to encourage the guys to shoot at different parts of the boss in preparation for shooting the various target faces we have such as Vegas, Portsmouth 3 spot etc. we then moved onto the different bows section where they get to try Compound, Flatbow, Horsebow, Barebow, Longbow and full Recurve.

Great course and enjoyed by all plus they all joined and are now officially members of AoR and doing really well.

Thanks to all the coaches that helped Cate, Tony, Jon and Archie for their hard work.

Alisa Good Shooting Stafford Tgt

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