Charlotte’s Birthday Taster Session


Happy Birthday to Charlotte and what a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday by having an Archery taster session with friends!

We had a request to put on a taster session for a birthday party back in July/August and even though it was booked so far in advance, we could not have asked for better weather. It was absolutely brilliant for the session.

We started shooting Barebow and getting everyone used to shooting again (although they all said they had not shot before lol) – once they got their eye in and were hitting the golds, we introduced a little bit of a competition with scoring and followed with the balloons. It’s amazing how competitive everyone is when the balloons come out.

The team events were well received and it was very close at the end so we had to have a decider and we done that by getting the teams to shoot with their eyes closed one at a time – result was a draw so everyone is a winner.

An amazing morning and full of fun and laughter – enjoyed by all and what a lovely treat for Charlotte.

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