Bradley heads off to shoot for ENGLAND!!!!!

Bradley will shortly be heading off to Ireland to represent England in the Junior Euronations Festival to be held at the Athboy Archery Club, Athboy, Co Meath, Ireland.

Bradley took to archery like a duck takes to water and he has consistently demonstrated a clear gift and a wonderful skill in the art of archery.  Furthermore, Bradley has remained a valued member of AoR and is constantly seen helping juniors and seniors to adjust their equipment, sort out issues and generally help improve their shooting technique.

I can therefore, honestly say that everyone at AoR are proud of Bradley’s achievements since starting archery just a few short years ago and we will all be wishing him well for this major shoot.

Your England debut is well deserved, good luck, good shooting and above all else have a wonderful, wonderful time – Oh and don’t forget some photos and your story for the AoR blog <g>.

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