AoR Super Fun Shoot


This is an event that any archer will not want to miss.  Whether you are an experienced archer with many years of experience, or a fledgling wannabe Robin Hood with only a handful of sessions experience, this is a shoot for you.

On Sunday 27th November 2016, the normal shooting round will be replaced with a very Special Fun Shoot.  To avoid spoiling the surprise, I mean fun, I will not go into too many details.  However, some of the sketchy details that I can share with you are:

  1. The shoot will be aimed at archers that are new to archery and also experienced archers, both AoR members and archers from local clubs.
  2. The shooting distance will be set to no more that 20m so that the shoot will be available to archers of all ages and abilities.
  3. We will be shooting on a 122cm special target face which will be adapted for the shoot.
  4. Expect the unexpected from this one.  It will hopefully have you laughing and groaning at times throughout the session.  You won’t need to be red inwards or a constant gold archer on a Portsmouth face for this one.  In fact, that level of skill is likely to be undone very quickly ;).


REMEMBER: This shoot is for experienced and new archers.  If you can hit white inwards on a 122cm target face at 20 yards, then this will be a session that you will definitely enjoy.  In fact, even if you have the occasional miss, you just might be your teams hero for that end.

Finally, this will be a team event with a maximum number of eight teams of six archers.  There will therefore be a limit of 48 spots available.  The cost of the session is just £5.00 per archer, so please register your interest as soon as possible because I’ll be assigning places on a first come first served basis.

Interested – Download the Special Fun Shoot Entry Form from our website.

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