AoR Outdoor Shooting

For me, this is one of the most important postings in the blog of the year.

The outdoor season is at least in play and I know that many of you will be looking forward to stretching your legs and striving to set new personal bests at the longer distances.  Hopefully the weather will improve and we’ll have some great outdoor shooting over the next few months to match the successes that we have seen during this past indoor season.

However, moving outside introduces my one single concern for the club.  That concern is lost arrows that are left on the field unfound and unreported.  I will be writing to every AoR member about this later today and talking to everyone at the field.  I therefore apologise if I appear to be going on about this issue but it is extremely important that EVERY member fully complies with the AoR Outdoor Shooting Procedure and Conditions of Shooting.  A copy of these conditions can be found in the member’s area on the club website and copies are posted in the equipment store.  However, please drop me a line if you would like copy emailing to you.

Let’s all following these procedures and enjoy a season long safe and enjoyable shooting.

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