AoR Open Portsmouth

nual Portsmouth Tournament
nual Portsmouth Tournament

Yesterday’s shoot went very well, with only a small blip at the very end and we’ll learn from that for next time but everyone that has spoken to me about the shoot said how well run it was and how enjoyable the whole event was.

I have been collating some of the reports from people that shot person bests during the competition and I’d like to officially congratulate the following archers for pushing their personal bests to a new level:

Ryan's first full archery tournament
Ryan’s first full archery tournament

1)       Christine Marshall – WOAC     – New 511, Previous 501
2)       Ryan Abbott            – AoR        – New 364, Previous 359
3)       Louis Paul               – AoR        – New 498, Previous 478
4)       Richard Wise          – AoR        – New 523, Previous 510
5)       Neil Case                  – AoR        – New 227, Previous 0
6)       Sacha Case              – AoR        – New 362, Previous 0
7)       Albert Hall              – AoR        – New 185, Previous 0
8)       Susan Corless        – AoR        – New 558, Previous 557 (Single)
9)       Susan Corless        – AoR        – New 1111, Previous 1024 (Double)
10)   Susan Corless          – AoR        – New 1655, Previous 1527 (Treble)

I’d also like to congratulate everyone that went away with a medal and also the large number of archers for who this was their very first full archery tournament.  I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves and that this experience makes you hungry for more.  I also hope that it further encourages AoR archers to venture out to other local clubs and to support their open shoots.

The blip at the end has been analysed and measures have/are being put into place to avoid this happening again.  Interestingly, the commercially available software that several people have since told me to look at fails to cope with a multi-session shoot like this one.  To this end, I am now trying to extend my Archery Club Manager software to include tournament management with functionality for handling multi-session shoots and team and couple awards.

Louis on his way to yet another PB

If you are involved with running a club and/or archery tournaments, watch this space!

In the meantime, please drop me a line or comment below if you posted a personal best whist shooting with AoR.

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