AoR Fun Weekend photos

Brad Denny shooting at the AoR Fun Weekend.
Brad Denny shooting at the AoR Fun Weekend.

I am still finishing the write up from the AoR Fun Weekend and it is proving to be a very long write up indeed but I hope to have it online very soon.  In the meantime, for those of you who cannot wait, the photographs from the weekend are now online.  With over 300 photographs, I hope that I caught everyone and that there are one or two that catch you eye.

The photographs have been added into a special gallery on my new website ( and they are available to view right now.

They are being made available as roughly A4 sized digital .jpg files for £2.00 per image, with all proceeds being added to Bradley’s Development Fund that was raised over the weekend.

These digital files can be printed at home, used to have prints made at a photo processing centre (such as ASDA in Rushden) or they can be shared online.

To order your images please:

  1. Review the image gallery at
    Click on the image of Bradley to open up the gallery of thumbnails.  Select a thumbnail to view a larger image.  You can then scroll through the images using the previous and next links, or click the larger image to be taken back to the thumbnail pages.
  2. Whilst on the larger image, take a note of the number of the image that you wish to purchase.
  3. Give that number to me, along with your email address and your £2.00 per image at the club on Friday night.
  4. I will then email you your .jpg file as soon as possible.

Because we wish to present Bradley with the fund as soon as possible, please be sure to order your images over the next couple of Fridays.  If you cannot make the club over the next couple of Friday evenings, please drop me an email at my usual address and we will work something out for you.  If you have any trouble using the website, again please drop me an email using the link above and I’ll help where I can.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs and I welcome your feedback.

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