All AoR club members should now have received an email from Mick about the forthcoming AGM.  It is important that we get as many club members along so that important decisions can be passed for the coming year.

I have copied the main part of Mick’s email below and please contact Mick or myself if you have not received the email and you need a copy of the letter.



To all Members of AoR

As required by the Club’s constitution, the attached letter gives you notice of this year’s AGM (Annual General Meeting). It includes a provisional agenda for the meeting and details the election of Club Officers for the year 2015/16.

All existing Club Officers must retire at the end of each year and, at the AGM, it is up to the Club members present at the meeting to elect the people who will fill these posts for the forthcoming year.

As previously notified, this year there are some Club Officer posts that will urgently need filling for 2015-2016 as the current post holders will not be standing for re-election, namely:

  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Equipment Officer (at least two people)
  • Junior Representative
  • Safeguarding Officer

One member has expressed an interest in standing for election as Safeguarding Officer but, in order for the Club to continue to function effectively, it is vital that others in the Club step up now to fill the remaining posts. In particular, if the roles of Treasurer and Secretary remain unfilled the Club would very likely be unable to continue in operation.

Please read the attached documents carefully and contact me if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Club Secretary
Archers of Raunds

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