Despite many reminders at recent shooting evenings and much cajoling by most of the current committee members, the turn out last night at the clubs AGM was woeful.  I know that, like Lauren, some of you were working late but even people that had indicated that they would be there failed to show.  Despite that the meeting went ahead and we were able to vote on some key decisions, of which at least one had been held for the AGM thinking that there would be a good turnout of existing and new members.

That said, I’d like to thank those members who took the time to support Roy and the committee and attend the AGM.  Also to the new members who turned up and took positions on the committee.  hopefully your example will rub off on other members and we can get a better turnout at future committee and AGM meetings.  Afterall, it is your club and it is important that your thoughts are heard and considered at these meetings.

I would also like to thank Glen (NCAS Chairman) for joining us at the meeting.  It was great to hear about changes to the county coaching and plans for the Chris Mason memorials and these should add a new dimension to shooting around the county.

Coming up with ideas and wishes during shooting evenings is fine, but in the heat of the moment they get lost and forgotten and people often complain that they don’t get listened to or their ideas put into practice – that is what these meetings are for and if you raise them in the right place at the right time, then they ‘will’ get considered and most will make it to a vote and become reality.

Anyway, we can’t turn the clock back but please get behind Roy and the team and help to make your club a better club.

Whinge over, I am pleased to be able to publish another full list of committee names to the website.  Many are existing names, but I’d like to welcome and thank the new people on the list for stepping forward.  Your fresh perspective will be hugely welcome.

I have also updated the websites home page with the new visitors fee which is now £4.00 per session and still good value for money.  However, I will leave the new club secretary to release further details about the meeting in the official minutes – these include decisions on the members fee, supporting some county initiatives, part-time indoor shooting, etc.

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