Another good weekend for AoR

Icon for AoR RecordsThis weekend was another good weekend for AoR.   Firstly, the Saturday session was very well attended with the need to double detail the shooting.  It is great to see the numbers up on just a couple of years ago when we had just three or four archers on the Saturday shooting line.

I was unable to make the scoring round session on Sunday, but Mick has provided me with the usual update and it would seem that a good shoot was had by all and especially the following:

  • Ryan Abbott shot a new personal best for the Portsmouth round scoring a fine 446 and that included a great 57 for the first half dozen arrows.
  • Amber Wilkins just seems to get better and better these days.  I suggested one tiny change during the Saturday session and I’d like to think that suggestion might have helped her to raise the bar and shoot a fantastic 548 and a new personal best.  The 550 surely can’t be far away now.
  • Imogen Case is one of the club’s younger members and she shot a great 183 for the Portsmouth.  In doing so, she not only secured a new personal best, but she has also set a new ladies under 12 club record at the same time.

Well done to all three of you and please keep up the good work that you, and many other AoR archers, are all putting in right now.

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