World Youth Championships 2023

Archie 1

Copied from Archie’s page…

🇨🇮World Youth Championships🇨🇮

I had an amazing week in Limerick Ireland where memories were made.

This was by far my biggest competition with over 500 archers there and 87 people in my category alone!!!

Qualification was decent considering the tricky wind conditions I started with a 326 then started off very well in the second half even jumping up to 2nd and 3rd positions at moments but a shaky last end meant I finished on a 637 and seeded in 10th place.

Next was mixed teams with Megan Havers we both shot very well starting off with a 40/40 in our first match end against Canada🇨🇦. We took the win 6-0 meaning we next went against Japan🇯🇵 This was a close match going all the way to a shoot off where Japan beat us by 1 point and we ended up ranking 9th.

Now onto Mens team with Edward Gray and Jack Doherty after completing our bye round we faced Spain🇪🇸 which we beat 6-0 to face France🇨🇵 where we went all the way to a shoot off again but France was just too strong for us beating us with a 29 to our 26 leaving us ranked 5th in the World.

Lastly individuala where I shot against Temmarub Matsuoka from Japan🇯🇵overall I was happy with how the shots felt and mostly was centered with only a couple of fly arrows. After a long match we went to shoot off again where I managed a solid 9 but Temmarus nailed in a 10 just outside the X ring so leaving me ranked in the 33rd brackets.

Huge thanks to the coaching staff, chaperones and the rest of team GBR for making this trip unforgettable.

Well done Archie!!

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