Xmas 2012 Fun at AoR

AoR Xmas 2012Just a quick not to thank everyone that took time out of their Xmas preparations to join in with the Archers of Raunds Xmas 2012 fun shoot.  With over 40 archers split between seniors and juniors it was a busy and above all fun session.

The seniors began the session playing archery darts.  Going off with a double was easy for some and harder for others.  Counting down through 501 was not too difficult, but getting that elusive double to finish on brightly coloured dart boards and without busting was harder than it looked.  Anyway, I’m pleased to say that my team (Shane, Ed, Richard and myself) managed to finish the darts first and we moved on to the Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree was simply a case of hitting the baubles in numbered order but Frances’s team next to ours (Frances, Christine, Rob and Darren) managed to land their arrow in the number nine before we did and they stole the win from us.  The two other teams were close behind.  Other smaller challenges continued and everyone had a ball.

Meanwhile, the juniors started with the Christmas Tree targets and counting up to 501 they went about hitting the highest numbers possible  By the time the seniors had finished their challenges the juniors reached about 100 before Geoff put up a single boss covered in balloons for some noise, stars flying and general mayhem.

Like the seniors, the juniors all seemed to have a great time and the sweet prizes we were well received.

After the shooting session we all got together in one of the classrooms for a bit to eat and drink and the raffle was drawn.

I’d like to thank Kerry and Geoff for putting on a great fun shoot and for filling the raffle with some great prizes from local traders in Raunds, along with a good number from the members.  Leza’s hamper was the start of the show and along with the other super prizes it made for a really good prize table.  Thank you to everyone who contributed by buying tickets or donating prizes.

All in all the fun shot was a wonderful success and I look forward to something even bigger and better next year.  You can see some of the pictures that Heather took during the session on our club YouTube channel – Click here for the video.

In the meantime, Lauren and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.


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