Who reads this blog??

This blog is growing into a useful news feed for Archers of Raunds and a tidy way for me to quickly and easily link club news items to the club’s main website and my Archers of Raunds Facebook page.  I hope that, over time, this resource will become a useful diary of my time as the club chairman and maybe my time with the club beyond my current position.

It goes without saying that this blog is only as good as the information and news that is passed to me and I am very grateful for everyone that takes the time to contribute items for the blog.  It also goes without saying that maintaining the blog does take time and this is something that I am all too frequently short of these days.

With this in mind, I will be hugely grateful if you could email me and let me know that you are a regular reader of this blog and that you find it useful and (at times) maybe even interesting.  I know that a number of you subscribe to the blog and receive email copies of the postings and I am grateful for those subscriptions.  However,  I’d like to gauge the usefulness of the blog and whether it is worth my time in maintaining this personal and club resource.

Many thanks,

3 thoughts on “Who reads this blog??”

  1. It’s a great resource to keep up to date with what’s going on at the club – but I know your time is short and wouldn’t want to pressure you in to continuing with it.

    1. Thanks Heather. I’m finding it useful as well and I’m hoping to find that enough people are using it to make it worthwhile. I have no plans to discontinue, unless I find that no one is using the resource and that I am wasting my time. So far it’s just the two of us!!

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