Weekend Celebrations

Some urgent work around the house kept me away from AoR this weekend, but opening my email this morning Mick has updated me on a number of celebrations over the weekend.

Firstly, happy belated birthday to Louis who was shooting on Sunday and who marked his birthday at the club with some cakes.  I am sure that they were very welcome during the mid-session break.

On the personal achievement side, there were 19 archers all shooting a Portsmouth round and I am informed that the following personal best scores were set:

  • Ruby Paul                        394
  • Ryan Abbott                    381
  • Albert Hall                       289
  • Steve Smith                     402
  • John Marshall                 550
  • Richard Wise (Jnr)        528
  • Richard Wise (Snr)        445

It is great to see some of our seniors joining the juniors posting personal bests and marking their great progress over the last few months.

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