The AoR trolls day out: Fenland’s Open Portsmouth 18 March 2017

The AoR trolls, so called as they all have trolls topping their spare arrow, visited Fenland Archery Club on the 18th March for their annual open Portsmouth.

The competition is a firm favourite every year and always has a great atmosphere. This year Ruby and Mat were both defending their titles from last year and Lauren and Michele,who had not shot the competition previously, were looking to put in solid performances after their  impressive return to competitive shooting at the AoR open in January.Martyn and Leza were also on hand to provide support and banter off the line which always ensures a great days shooting.

Lauren and Michele’s recent hard work really showed with both of them putting in great scores. Michele shot a solid 428 with 17 golds earning her 7th place whilst Lauren shot 492 with 31 golds earning her 4th. Both of them seemed to really enjoy themselves and it definitely showed.

Ruby put in an impressive performance in the u16 junior ladies category. She shot an incredible 59 golds with a total score of 576. With such an impressive score it is hardly surprising that Ruby retained her title. In addition her score was the highest of all recurve archers across all categories.

Mat had a shaky start and took a few ends to settle but soon rediscovered the gold resulting in 50 golds and a final score of 544. Unfortunately not quite enough to retain the title but enough to clinch third place.

After the shooting thoughts turned to more pressing matters…. food! We all headed down to the local pub to get some grub and reminisce over the days shooting before making our way back for the awards ceremony.

Overall it was a great day with great company and I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Fenland Archery Club to anyone considering next year.

All photographs used with permission courtesy of our resident photographer Martyn Phillips at

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