Sunday 5th August now indoors.

This is a large football competition being held at Manor School on Sunday 5th August and the organisers are expecting there to be a large number of people milling around.  For this reason, the sports college have asked that we shoot in the sports hall for that Sunday.  I have agreed and we will move the scheduled postal shoot to the following Sunday.

We intend to make the indoor Sunday a full round shoot, so this is an ideal opportunity for those of you who don’t like shooting longer distances outdoors to come along and put in a summer score.  The actual round to be shot will be decided on the day and will probably depend on the number of people shooting.

Can everyone also please be advised that we have agreed with the school that we will extend the ‘Beware Archery In Progress’ signs the full length of the left hand side of the field and place the wooden board warning at the very bottom by the two trees.  That means, from the shooting line up by the tennis courts, passed the all-weather football pitch and all the way down to the two trees at the bottom of the field.  This is as a result of people walking along the back of the field.

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