Some great days for the AoR Chairman (Part 2)

Icon for AoR RecordsWatching the Junior girls picking up a medal each and socialising with the other county juniors (a great friendship has formed between them) was great to see.  However, the latest set of club records that I have received was wonderful.  It is just great to see the results that so many people are deservedly achieving following a lot of hard work practicing and attending club and county shoots around the region.

I have updated and published the new records to the members area on the website (email me if you are an AoR member with no members area login details) and I am pleased to note that 21 club records required updating on the website.  If we were running a competition for the most broken and set records the leader would be Lauren with 5 records being set, closely followed by Bradley with four new records.  Christine, Esme, Katie, Lesley and Simon all set two new records each with Eddie and Shane each being rewarded with one new club record.

With so many new records being set, I have decided to highlight them on the Club Records page on the website.  It is my aim to remove the highlight each time the site is updated and keep the highlighting for new records.  This should make keeping up with people’s progress much easier for everyone.

It is great to see so many current members achieving such great results, setting records and raising the bar for all of us to aim for.  Keep up the good work.

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