Revised Event Diary

On behalf of NCAS, Targetcraft will be hosting the East Midlands Archery Society 2013 Regional & Open Indoor Championships on the 17th November 2013.  This is a major shoot on the calendar and being a World Record Status FITA 18m tournament it is way too large for a small club like AoR to go up against.

Somewhat frustratingly and for this reason we have found it necessary to reschedule our Open Vegas Tournament with a major knock on effect on our published shooting calendar.  This includes the previous day’s planned NCAS Junior County Coaching session and which we will need to move as the hall will need setting out for the tournament, the previous Sunday’s planned scoring round (so that people can get a practice round for the Vegas in), the Postal Shoot, etc.

We are still mid way through reconfirming the availability of the hall to accommodate these revisions and once confirmed we will be logging the changes with NCAS so that the Sunday scoring rounds are properly registered as usual.

I apologise to anyone that is inconvenienced by these unforeseen date changes and thank you for your understanding.  I would also like to thank Mick for his time and effort in reworking these changes to the calendar and a huge thank you to Jonathan who has had to hurriedly make alternative arrangements to facilitate that change – allocate new judges as Peter (our scheduled judge) is not available on the new day, revise the paperwork, notify county of the changes, rebook the hall, notify registered archers, etc.

Revised Event Diary Here.

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