Raunds Carnival and Beginners Courses

It is with regret that AoR will be unable to attend this year’s Raunds Carnival, but with pressures elsewhere, holidays and a lack of time to prepare and an overwhelming number of beginners and people on the waiting list, it was decided that the club would forgo the opportunity this year.  However, we’ll be back next year, bigger, better and more prepared than ever before.

It is also with regret that the committee has decided that it is necessary to postpone the September beginner’s course date until October.  I shall be writing to all those people on the growing waiting list, but we wish to avoid the short nights and inevitable poor weather by starting the course at the beginning of the ‘indoor’ season.  This will enable people to have a more pleasant and satisfactory experience.  Furthermore, the current interest in beginner’s courses and those people joining the club and hiring bows has left us desperately short on equipment and the club wishes to get back to one beginner one bow, rather than large groups.  At the end of the day, people learn better by doing, rather than watching and this is confirmed by recent beginners.  The recent lottery grant will help with this and enable us to take on more beginners and encourage more people to try archery but we have been unable to touch the money until September and plans are already in place to purchase new beginners bows and intermediate equipment.

The next beginners course will therefore commence on the 12th October (one Friday after going indoors), with another beginning on the 23rd November.  I have also included the 18th January as a third option for people visiting our website.  I will be writing to everyone on the waiting list with the new dates over the next day or so.

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