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Icon for AoR RecordsAs a result of Mick’s computer issues we are a little behind on publishing the club records online and celebrating people’s success on the blog.  However, with those issues behind us, I am pleased to have brought the club records online up to date.

Please click here to see the current records.  If you do not have a login for the private area on our site, please contact Martyn and he’ll get you set up on the site and your details emailed to you as quickly as possible.

This posting will cover indoor club records achieved during October, November and this far in December 2013.  I hope that I do not offend anyone, but I have included all records broken as they were broken.  This does mean that some people shot a record in one month but it was then broken in a later month.  This just shows the improvement across the membership week on week, month on month.

It is also really nice to see some other bow types appearing along the shooting line.  Whilst AoR remains largely a Recurve club, it is great to see members investing in other bows and taking the time to research about their bows and to teach themselves how best to shoot them, care for them and best of all, enjoy a new archery experience.  I can see some good grudge fights beginning during this indoor season as people aim to set and break those new club records.

  • October 2013
    Ruby Paul
    – Ruby shot a fine 465 on the 6th to post a new club record for the Ladies U14 Recurve.  She is working hard and getting better all the time and this is proven by her beating her club record again on the 13th with a 479.  She’ll be knocking on door of the 500 soon enough.  If that was not enough, she then when on to post a 204 for the Worcester setting a new club record for the round on the 20th.

    Katie Bayliss – Katie posted two new club records in October for the Ladies U18 Recurve category.  The first was a 543 for the Portsmouth on the 6th and then she posted a nice 265 for the Worcester on the 20th.

    Mike Williams – not to be outdone by the Juniors, Mike posted a fine 282 shooting Longbow at the Portsmouth shoot on the 13th for the Senior Gents record.

  • November 2013
    November saw the clubs first Vegas shoot and of course a number of new club records were shot on the 3rd of the month.  All shooting Recurve, the new records were set by:

    1. Imogen Neville   Ladies U16     262
    2. Katie Bayliss   Ladies U18     454
    3. Christine Marshall   Ladies     356
    4. Bradley Denny   Gents U18     572
    5. John Marshall   Gents     509

    The month also included Portsmouth and Worcester shooting rounds during which the following club records were broken:

    Martin Davis (Senior Gent) set a new Portsmouth record shooting Barebow on the 17th with brilliant 501 and the again shooting Barebow on the 24th he shot a 227 for the Worcester.

    Phil Rhodes (Senior Gent) has recently taken up the American Flatbow and he set a new club record for the Portsmouth round with a fine 312 on the 24th November.

    Ruby Paul (Ladies U14) has continued to keep her name on the record board by smashing her previous club record with a 223 on the 24th November.

    Ryan Abbott (Gents U12) has been taking some extra tuition recently and that appears to be paying dividends.  Shooting the Worcester on the 24th November he shot a very nice 169 to set a new club record for the round.

  • December 2013
    December saw a number of AoR archers heading off to the Nationals.  Whilst everyone did really well Bradley Denny shot a great 556 for the Fita 18 and in doing so posted yet another club record to his growing tally.

    All of the other records broken during the month are for the Portsmouth round and they include:

    1. Ruby Paul   Ladies U14     488 (Recurve)
    2. Katie Bayliss   Ladies U18     553 (Recurve)
    3. Bradley Denny   Gents U18     588 (Recurve)
    4. Neil Case   Gents     297 (Traditional Recurve)
    5. John Marshall   Gents     332 (Longbow)
    6. Kevin Wood   Gents     335 (American Flatbow)

    Very well done to everyone who has set a new Club record since coming inside.  I look forward to seeing more records broken and hearing about more personal successes as we head into 2014.

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