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The AoR website has been going through an uncertain time of late.  Microsoft withdrew the free hosting service that we were using and for a time Shane lost access to administer the site and on a number of occasions the site was pointing to a notification that the service had been withdrawn.  For the moment the old site is up and running, but we are not sure how long for.

With that issue in mind, I have completely redesigned and rewritten the Archers of Raunds website, managed to move the domain back under our control and I have changed the DNS settings to point to the new hosting provider – enough of the technobabble.

In short, the new site will begin to appear at over the next 72 hours or so.  This time is required for the countless servers around the world to catch up with the DNS change.  In the meantime it can be viewed at

A large portion of the text has been totally rewritten and the whole site has been condensed to avoid the bloating that we had previously.  I also hope that it is better organised and that people can more easily find the information that they are likely to want to find.  I will appreciate any comments (good or bad) about the new navigation layout and any pages that you feel should be removed or content that needs to be added or reintroduced.  Several of us are currently proof reading the content, but I will be grateful if you could let me know about any errors that you find.

To aid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the web pages have been renamed and a redirect added into the site for any Google and other search engine links that will be broken as a result.  At the time of writing, the members area remains incomplete and I will circulate login details to club members as and when there is content in the private area and when the login scripts are full functional – Thank you to Jonathan for coding those scripts for the club.

I hope that you like the new site and find it useful.

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  1. The website is propagating nicely around the world and should be available to everyone over the next 24 hours. I welcome your comments and suggestions for the new site.

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