More records and PB’s for AoR archers.

Icon for AoR RecordsMore records and PB’s for AoR archers.

With some of our archers shooting away over the weekend, Sunday’s scoring round session saw only six AoR archers shooting at Manor.  However, of those six people, three beat their own personal best scores for the Portsmouth.  Rob scored a 514, Shane put in a 472, and Ed scored an impressive 553.  Louis Paul shot his very first full Portsmouth round and after only a few short months shooting he posted a fabulous 451 for his first outing.  This is one young lad to watch over the coming months.

Bradley was shooting over at Targetcraft on Sunday and news has reached me that he has not only beaten his personal best for the Worcester twice in one session, but he has now also secured the county record with a very impressive 293 and 295 (max is 300 for a Worcester round).  I’m sure the maximum will not be far away Bradley!

All in all, another fabulous days shooting for AoR archers.

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