Level One Coaching

NCAS are planning another Level One Archery Coaching Course over the winter.  Places will be limited, so please contact myself or Pat Comer (email me for her email address) if you would like to be considered for a place and to get more information.

With a heightened interest in archery and back to back courses running at the moment (I’m now booking places for December with a lower number over the summer owing to holidays, etc.), AoR could do with another couple of level one coaches to support the current team.  Assisting with AoR courses is the first and most valuable step in becoming an archery coach – the level one course builds on this foundation.

Not only will a few extra coaches help with the beginners courses, but it will also be useful for archers in their first year who need help with developing their technique and getting used to new equipment.  I’m working pretty much full time with newish members.  Simon and John have previously offered help along the shooting line with tips and tweaks, so please ask if you need some help, would like some video analysis so you can see your own style, technique and any gremlins that might be creeping in.


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