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You should have all received an email from Mick about the change of schedule for this weekend.  It was with a heavy heart and following much deliberation that we decided to cancel the planned Open Metric Tournament and my tournament software will now need to find another shoot or to for testing.

As part of the deliberations we decided to do something a little different on Sunday.  We’ll be restricted by normal field hours 10:00 till 13:00, but we have decided to shoot Western rounds (8 dozen arrows at various distances on a 122cm face), specifically the Western for seniors and the Short Western, Junior Western and Short Junior Western for juniors and adults new to the club.

Most of you should already have sight marks for your applicable distances and we all have three days shooting to get them if not.  As time will be short, we will be having just one end of six sighters which will be undertaken at 10.15 promptly.  If you arrive late, you’ll lose your sighters as we will be beginning the scoring ends a minute or two after the sighters end.

I therefore urge you to please ensure that you are on the field and setup no later than 10:10 and we’ll be looking for help in setting up the bosses as quickly as possible – without compromising on doing the job properly.  County have been advised of the change to the shoot and it should therefore be registered for county record claims.  As usual for a Sunday at AoR, we will be well into serious shooting mode and we will be applying all of the usual Archery GB rules for governing a proper scoring round.

The Western rounds are not rounds that AoR hosts very often so please take this opportunity to have a go at setting a new personal best and maybe claim one of the club records that will undoubtedly be set on the day.  As this is not a tournament, we are not planning on making any awards (trophies or medals) for this shoot.

As usual, subject to space on the shooting line, visitors will be welcome to shoot with us.  We will need your GNAS card and the usual £3.00 visitors fee.

Finally, as time will be short, please make sure that you know what distances you will be shooting on the day.  Please place your bow on the equipment line in front of the boss that you wish to shoot on.  If there are four bows you will need to find another boss to shoot on.  If there is not one available, please find me as quickly as possible so that we can set out another boss for you (up to out limit along the shooting line).

The diagram below is supplied to aid in identifying the distances applicable to you.

Western Rounds
Western Rounds

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