Fun Weekend

Just back from a most awesome fun session at AoR.  Roy has spent weeks planning today’s session and he did not disappoint one tiny little bit.

In fact, so many people came up to me saying that they have not have so much fun shooting archery. With special targets that Roy designed, chest and chance cards and things to mix things up between some ends, the archers had no idea what was coming next.  Gain points, lose point, go to jail, get out of jail, the chance to win a goodie bag, it had the lot.

The best part was the way people entered into the spirit of things.  Even when losing points, there was smiles on faces and laughed all session long. those that went had a great time.

Those that couldn’t really missed out on a terrific afternoon. huge congratulations to Roy for and awesome, well prepared fun shoot.

I’m just not sure how we will top that in the future.

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