Frances Bull set new NCAS record

On behalf of everyone at AoR I would like to congratulate Frances (Targetcraft Archery Club) on achieving the NCAS county record for a Portsmouth whilst shooting with AoR on the 6th January 2013.  Shooting Compound in the Senior Ladies category, Frances shot a brilliant 571 to take the record.

It has taken a little while to confirm the claim because a full list of published results from the shoot was required to back up her signed score sheet.  However, this and the record claim have now been fully processed and I understand that the record has now been awarded to Frances.

This year AoR Sunday shoots have been registered with NCAS.  This means that anyone shooting the published round on the day can try for a county record.  However, at the present time, AoR do not publish the scores for every Sunday shoot.  So, if you manage to shoot a county record please let me know as soon as possible so that we can arrange to collate and publish the results to backup you record claim.

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