First Committee Meeting done and dusted.

Well that is my first committee meeting out of the way and with only a couple of minor slips on my part, thanks to all of the club members who took the time out to meet in Stanwick.  I think that the meeting went well and a lot of topics were covered and almost as many action points agreed.  The final minutes will hopefully agree with my to-do list and I’ll be getting into those items as quickly as possible.

Two of the main points were the tournaments and the website.  The Ivy Keating was discussed and it looks like we are well placed to put on a good event, although I’ll have all my fingers crossed and I’ll no doubt be doing a good duck impression leading up to and on the day.  We’ll then be following that event up with the Albion and Windsor shoot a few weeks later.  It was proposed that we will review the number of juniors who register and then we’ll look at putting on special rounds for those archers.  This should once again help AoR to make the event accessible by anyone.

Shane also touched on an issue with the website and which will likely be going down later tonight.  Microsoft are withdrawing the hosting service that we have been using for the last few years and replacing it with their new 360 service.  Whilst free for a time, this should be going chargeable in a few months and Shane does not have all of the information to move the site in a hurry.  For this reason we could be losing the site for a few days.

Please note that Shane and I are working on the issue and we will get the site back up and running if and when it does die.

Anyway, I’d like to thank my follow committee members and other members who continue to help to move the club along and keep us all shooting.  I will no doubt be on the lookout for some extra help over the coming weeks, so please let me know if you have a little spare time that could be used to help the committee and keep Archers of Raunds moving forward.


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